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Russell Mitchell at Love Ride 2006

Auto Art Precision Detail

Auto Art Precision Detail
Since we have begun using the Kreepstool's the detail tech's have noticed that their backs are not as sore at the end of the day. When polishing the lower portion of the cars and cleaning the wheels and wheel wells, the Kreepstool is so much more comfortable, supportive and easy to maneuver than the typical shop stool. The Kreepstool also has the added benefit of a tray configuration that is very functional and easy to access supplies. One of the best features is the roller blade wheels, how ingenious! The safety and stability of the Kreepstool is phenomenal! Thanks for the wonderful design and you will only see Kreepstool in Auto Art Precision Detail! S. P., Owner.

Two Guys Garage endorses the Kreepster on the Speed Channel
Two Guys Garage, The Speed Channel

Truck Universe endorses the Kreepster on the Speed Channel
Truck Universe, The Speed Channel

Customer Kudos

My wife first saw your creeper at the 05 Hot August Nights toy store and immediately recognized it's quality and in her words "It looks good too."  And knowing I have had countless problems with my brand name creeper including broken wheels, she convinced me to try it, which you may recall I had my teenage son do for me.  Well needless to say he has spent enough time with me in the garage to know quality as well, so we bought one.  It has been a couple of months now and several uses and I have to say I look at my Kreepster as valuble in my garage as any of my Snap-On wrenches or Mac air tools and sockets ( For a hell of alot less money ).  It is refreshing to see a small AMERICAN company produce a superior economical product, thank you.  When its time to pass on the tools to the grand kids I imagine the Kreepster will be one of them. P.S. My wife plans on buying me the Kreepster Stool for Christmas.  Keep up the good work.C.G.TRACY, CA.  

You folks certainly have confirmed for the lost art of customer service remains alive and well, at least at your shop! Thanks.  S.W 

WOW...thank you for exceeding my expectation!!! I will definitely refer our "hot rod" friends to your company.  H 

Hello, I would just like to say thank you.  I'm a young mechanic and Im a big fella, 250 lbs.  I am glad that someone has finaly made a product that can support my weight and still give me all the features I want.  I have not yet purchased your product, but it will not be long untill I do, after seeing it on TV and on the website.  Hopefully after the other guys in my Ford dealership see your product, I can send some more business your way.  So thanks in advance, B.L 

Thank you again for the call this evening. It's really nice to deal with companies who have an understanding about real Customer Service & good business practices. I can tell you right now that I want to get one of your new offerings! They look GREAT (and I hope the new one will be for ME).  Regards, M 

thanks,  my husband saw the kreepster in a hot rod magazine ad. he usually tries to make everything he sees, buy this item really blew him away. he will be even more excited when he sees it in his garage!!   C.C. 

I have used the Kreepster a few times and like the way it works. It is so easy to move around on and is so much more comfortable than my old creeper. Thank you for sending me one.  D.C. 

it arrived yesterday, and was in excellent condition.... It meets or exceeds my expectations; it is light, looks good, easy to use and by far the best thing of its sort (I have tried quite a few others).
 ...I wish you all success in your efforts to bring a product of this caliber to the market.

Best regards, D.


I purchased your Kreepstool last month and have had pleasure in using it as I recently had a total knee replacement. It feels good to be able to sit down on this stool & know how sturdy it is. I am able to lean
back & move around on my workshop floor & I have never before been so satisfied with a product. It rolls very easy and has a lot of storage for tools & other items. Every mechanic & person that needs a mobile stool should have this product. I highly recommend this item above anything else that has been invented in the past for this use. I hope you will post this on your e-mail internet & hopefully this product will be found around the United States as there are a lot of mechanics & handymen that would feel very safe with such an excellent
product. I have used many stools over the years but none of them give you the comfort & security of a Kreepstool. Thank you again for inventing this superior product. I rate it more than 100%.
Regards, R. B. H.

I received my new kreepstool. My brother was over and I had to fight him
off as he was sure that it was his.  Not a chance.  Well packed, well
built, assembled easily.  Thank You   Tim

"You know what..... guys made my buddies day. He called and (excuse my french) went ape sh!t over the Kreepstool. Thanks again for getting this order through and without any delays.

Love your product and your customer service.
thank you so very much!"
Ryan Rudd

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