Instructions: 4tek products can be used in the automotive, farm equipment, marine, airline, computer hardware and other industries, whenever work is required to be done from a supine or sitting position. Lock the brakes; sit or lay all the way down to the bottom, unlock brakes to move around. (Kreepster only-adjust body until the lumbar support is in a comfortable position; adjust headrest to desired position by gently pulling up on head platform; lower headrest by squeezing up on the release lever and gently pushing head platform down) To prevent unwanted movement, brakes should be kept in locked position while work is being done. The Kreepster® and Kreepstool® should only be used on a level surface; the braking mechanism is not intended for use on an incline.

Caution: This 4tek product is not intended for recreational purposes and should only be used as instructed for its intended purpose. Misuse could lead to serious personal injury. Do not stand or kneel on the product or place heavy inanimate objects on it. It is designed to support one person. Maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs. Any injury or product failure resulting from misuse is not the responsibility of 4tek LLC, its owners, employees, manufacturers, affiliates, distributors, or retailers and is not covered under any product warranty.

Warranty: 4tek products are warranted against structural frame failure, excluding normal wear and tear, when used as intended. This warranty covers the frame and non-moving parts. If any frame failure occurs, contact 4tek LLC at 262-656-1956 or for instructions on return and/or replacement of parts.

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